The laboratory of Dr. Penny A. MacDonald in the Brain and Mind Institute at the University of Western Ontario is seeking  individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease as well as healthy volunteers to participate in research studies on attention, memory, and thinking.  Experiments involve either simple computerized tasks, functional MRI scans, or both.  You will have to answer some questions (< 10 minutes) to ensure that you are eligible to participate in research studies prior to scheduling your appointment.  If you are interested in being involved or require more information, please contact the MacDonald Lab at (519) 661-2111 ex. 80271or e-mail [email protected].
Please check that you meet ALL of the following criteria:
• between 18 and 80 years of age
NO history of another neurological or major psychiatric disorder (if Parkinson’s patient)
NO history of neurological or major psychiatric disorder (if healthy control)
NO requirement for prescribed medications that make you drowsy
NO history of abusing alcohol, prescription or street drugs
NOT taking Aricept (Donepezil), Reminyl (Galantamine), Exelon (Rivastigmine), or Memantine (Ebixa)
To also participate in fMRI studies, you must meet these additional criteria:
NOT claustrophobic
NO pacemakers or other electronic implants in body
NO metallic implants in body
NOT pregnant
NO cerebral aneurysm clips/coils

Thank you!